Captain John and Chef Alyse

Crew Profiles: 

Captain John Cramer and Chef/Mate Alyse Arehart

Hailing from the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, John is a true southern gentleman. Working on boats and around marinas since age 14, John has had a long-lasting relationship with the sea. He graduated from the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC in 2011, and he has been pursuing a career on the water ever since. He has been the mate/engineer aboard a busy 95 foot charter motor yacht in The Bahamas for the last two years, entertaining guests from all over the globe. In addition to being a fully competent waterman above the surface, John's passion for diving led him to earn a PADI Divemaster. John and Alyse own a 1974 Bristol 30', "EOS" which they have been repairing and updating, hoping to one day do a nice long cruise. 

Alyse is a born and raised Floridian, growing up in the small town of Sebring. She has always enjoyed traveling and hiking, and she realized her passion for the natural world by earning a degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Miami. After graduating, Alyse found herself drawn to the hospitality industry and spent years crafting cocktails and serving smiles on South Beach. She soon discovered that her superior service skills and outdoorsy spirit were a perfect fit for the yachting industry. For the past three years, she has worked as a full time stewardess/mate/cook. She has a particular passion for cooking delicious, nourishing food that gives people the energy to seize the day. Alyse loves being on the water as much as possible, especially on "EOS".

John and Alyse are ready to continue the Sweetest Thing tradition of spoiling their guests! Their yachting background is well-geared towards providing great service, fun companionship and an unmatched attention to detail ensures that guests will be in good hands. Their love for the outdoors and related activities ensures that there is lots of FUN to be had by guests of all ages! Spending a week on the water with these two is sure to be the SWEETEST THING!

Sample Menu


Mexican frittata. With tomato, pepper, and avocado, served with fruit.

Nuts-and-seeds banana bread.* Served with bacon and fruit.

Coconut flour pancakes. Fluffy stacks topped with warm blueberry sauce, served with sausage.

Chocolate zucchini breakfast muffins.* Served with bacon and fruit.

Eggs benedict. Served over turkey bacon and english muffin or greens, with fruit.

Sweet potato home fries. Topped with a fried egg, served with sausage and fruit.

Broccoli and sausage frittata. Served with fruit.



Blackened fish tacos. With cilantro mango salsa, served with coleslaw. Pizza any way.

Homemade pizza crust* with your choice of toppings. Served with caesar salad.

Buffalo curry soup. Packed with veggies and ground buffalo meat. Served with fresh cornbread.*

Chicken kebabs. Colorful skewers served on a bed of greens and fiesta rice.

Ceviche bowl. White fish marinated in citrus, mixed with crunchy veggies, served with tortilla chips.

Turkey empanadas. Ground turkey baked or fried inside a doughy shell, served with broccoli cheddar* soup.

Herb-roasted chicken. Served beside a hearts of palm arugula salad with lemony dressing and a baguette.*



Antipasto. Meats, cheeses, sliced fruit, nut butters.

Chickpea fritters. Crispy bites made with garbanzo flour, with mint sauce and ricotta dip options.

Shrimp canapé. Grilled shrimp served on cucumber slices, with a chili lime cream.

Spring rolls. Crunchy vegetables wrapped in a crispy shell,* with a sweet and sour sauce for dipping.

Nachos tostones. Twice-fried plantains topped with bacon, avocado, and sour cream

Brussels sprouts dippers. Crunchy roasted veggies with a chipotle lime aioli for dipping.

Bacon-wrapped scallops & dates. Served with an orange-ginger sauce.



Sesame-crusted tuna steak. Served with ginger-braised bok choy and roasted squash slices.

White fish in a creamy bearnaise sauce. Served with roasted broccolini and herbed quinoa.

Orange rosemary glazed salmon. Served with whipped celery root and roasted asparagus.

Buttery broiled lobster. Served with herbed cauliflower risotto and roasted zucchini spears.

Handmade lamb ravioli*. Stuffed with lamb and spinach, tossed in a sage butter sauce.

Mustard and beer-braised pork tenderloin. Served with dill-roasted carrots, mashed turnips, and cornbread.*

Peppercorn-crusted sirloin steak. Roasted cabbage wedge drizzled with Dijon butter sauce, sweet potato fries.



Coconut créme caramel. Custard lined with with caramelized coconut sugar.

Mint chocolate mousse tart. Cold and creamy.

Crepes.* Warm crepes filled with fruit, topped with cream.

Flourless chocolate cake. Dense and decadent.

Peach parfait. Layered with creme anglaise and cookie crumbles.

Chocolate chip cookies.* Rich and made-from-scratch.

Carrot cake.* A sweet, raw treat, covered with cashew cream icing.