Captain Toni and Chef Una

Crew Profiles: 
Toni Cavka - Captain

Captain Toni Cavka is a young but an experienced skipper with several years of sailing experience. Toni is an owner of yacht master category A maritime license and has as well been skipper of monohulls and catamarans up to 58 ft. Toni is interested in sailing, sport climbing and Do-It-Yourself activities. He is aware of the importance of responsibility, social skills and organization when being responsible for the yacht.
You can be assured that Toni will be more than a skipper by actively contributing to the enjoyment of everyone on the boat. His patience and ability to deal with the various competing demands and preferences, are a guarantee of remember-able vacation.

Una Rogulja - Hostess/Chef

Una was born in 1979 in Zagreb, Croatia and as long she remembers she was drawn towards the sea and yachts as her family would spend all of their holidays on the coast. Cooking was always her hobby. She was constantly surrounded by different cuisines, experimenting with recipes and developing some of her own. Her favourites are local dishes based on fresh ingredients traditionally light seasoned as she says 'If you are given quality fresh ingredients, it's a shame to ruin authentic flavour with too much spice.' That said, she also specialized herself in some recipes routing in continental Croatia and nearby countries traditionally described as 'heavy' which work well with the first, rounding the best that the region has to offer. Una is not a stranger to international cuisine but while preparing it she is always tempted to put her own signature.

By nature Una is a very social, outgoing person. Her energy levels, warm personality and enthusiasm towards the job ensure that the highest demands are always met with a big smile on top.



Buffet style breakfast
-Selection of homemade products from the local markets (homemade cheese, smoked ham, jams, honey...)
-Croissant, homemade strudel or local pastry
-Cereals with fresh milk or yoghurt
-Seasonal fruit salad
-Breakfast bruschetta’s (oven baked bread with sour cream, egg, bacon, cottage cheese and veggies topping.)
-Eggs (boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, ham and eggs, omelet)
-All in one egg pie omelet (light seasoned slow baked local bacon, onion, zuchini, red pepper, mushroom, cheese omelet)
-Selection of fresh squeezed seasonal fruit juices


Cracker rolls (light seasoned homemade smoked ham, cottage cheese, olive cracker rolls)
Chicken cornflake/sesame sticks
Canape sandwiches with garlic bread, local cheese and cold cuts

Melon/prosciutto snack


- Tomato,olive oil and local herb

- Tomato, olive oil, cottage cheese

- Tomato, olive oil, salted sardines or anchovies

Toasted bread with tuna patee


Dalmatian pašticada (marinated beef in red sweet and sour sauce)

Oven baked marinated veal with vegetables

Beefsteak in aceto and dry fig sauce

Chicken roll (Grilled chicken breast with crispy bacon and vegetable filling) T-bone steak marinated in kiwi and local herbs

Pork chops in mushroom sauce