Captain Mike and Chef Lizzy

Crew Profiles: 

Mike and Lizzy have been sailing together for nearly 10 years – in fact they met as crew racing on a yacht! Together they have sailed around Greece, through the Dalmatian islands of Croatia, along the picturesque Amalfi coastline of Italy and the timeless French Riveria within the Mediterranean as well as the Leewards Islands, British Virgin Islands and Spanish Virgin Islands of the Caribbean and Bermuda. Most of this time has been enjoyed on charter yachts providing luxury vacations. Welcoming guests aboard with a friendly, warm attitude and an eye for detail they consistently provide holidays of a lifetime for their delighted visitors.

Having sailed from an early age, Mike’s passion for boating in general has gained him a wealth of knowledge on sailing and motor yachts up to 80’ long. He likes to pass on his enthusiasm to everyone on board, encouraging and teaching others more about sailing. Mike has been lucky to have sailed in many areas of Europe and the Caribbean both personally and professionally, including logging over 20,000Nm in the last 4 years alone as a Captain on crewed yacht charters. A great sense of humour combined with a professional approach, an open and relaxed manner, not to mention his skills behind the bar, ensures Mike gets all guests to enjoy every moment aboard. 

Lizzy developed her love of cooking with fresh local produce stood on a chair helping her Mum prepare meals in the family farmhouse kitchen. Following a degree in Outdoor Pursuits where Lizzy learnt to sail, she travelled the world by land and sea. The experiences Lizzy had at this time influenced her cooking and expand her repertoire. After adding the finishing touches at the prestigious and world renowned Ashburton Chefs Academy in the UK, Lizzy now takes great delight in combining 2 of her passions: serving up beautiful tasty food her guests enjoy and, of course, sailing!

Sample Menu


Note: All breakfasts are served with tea, coffee, fruit juices, cereals, yoghurt, toast and jam.

Tropical fruit parfait layered with Caribbean honey, Greek yoghurt and boat-made granola.

Spring onion potato cakes with bacon, poached egg and boat-made ketchup.

The Captain’s Pancakes served with a fresh fruit platter, jams, honey and Canadian maple syrup.

Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs on buttered brown bread.

Breakfast Frittata.

Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame: toasted Swiss cheese and Black Forest ham sandwich with a Gallic twist. 


Note: Many lunches are accompanied with freshly baked bread.

Beef tacos with boat-made salsa, boat-made guacamole, cheese & lettuce.

Pan-fried jerk and honey fillet of salmon with mango salad.

Quiche Lorraine served with boat-made pesto.

Griddled asparagus with prawns and rouille.

Shrimp Linguine in a lemon cream sauce.

Nicoise Salad with pan seared tuna.


Spiced apple baked Camembert cheese with a selection of fresh cut Crudités.

Dragon chicken wings with a yoghurt, mint and lime dip.

Stuffed mushrooms with crispy herb bread crust.

Salmon-cucumber and ham-asparagus twists.

Marinated beetroot with goat cheese.

Stuffed mini baked potatoes with garlic and herb cream cheese. 


Provencal-style rack of lamb on potato dauphinoise with roasted broccoli and buttered French beans.

Trinidadian Fish Stew with nutmeg, sweet potato mash, baby carrots & garden peas.

Pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes, caramelized apples and a calvados and shallot sauce.

Champagne risotto with seared scallops and garlicy mozzarella bread.

Citrus roasted fresh Wahoo on a potato rosti with citrus vinaigrette and mange tout.

Prime tenderloin steak with minted new potatoes, Greek salad and coleslaw.

Sticky jerk and brown sugar pork ribs served on pineapple rice with a sweet chilli and pineapple chutney.


Poached pears with cassis coulis and fresh berries.

Basil and white chocolate cream with balsamic strawberries.

Coconut Panna-Cotta with rum roasted pineapple.

Lemon tart topped with fresh raspberries, raspberry coulis and cream.

Chocolate and Grand Marnier mousse finished with praline and a tuille wafer.

Mimosa jelly made with freshly squeezed orange juice set with champagne.


Crème Brulee.