Captain Spiros and Chef Xenia

Crew Profiles: 
Spiros Koloniadis

Spiros was born in Athens in 1982 and grew up next to Alimos Marina. At the age of six, his love of the sea led him to join the Kalamaki Yacht Club and started sailing with small dinghies Optimist type. After many years of training and eventually racing, he became an athlete of the Greek National Sailing Team on Laser boats. After completing his athletic course, he decided to proceed professionally with his passion, the sea. Thus, since 2000 he works as a coach. Simultaneously, he started working as a skipper in sailing yachts and sometimes in speed boats. He started sharing his passion for the sea with his crew, which different from a boat to boat.
He promised to share secrets of sailing with them and make them spend a wonderful vacation while going to beautiful places of splendid Greece. He has a strong sense of humor, and is guaranteed that the holiday with him will be an unforgettable experience!

Xenia Bregiannis

Xenia is an ambitious young woman with the will to satisfy every demand requested from their guests. She has an excellent ability to create unique meals and offering to the guest the chance to taste fresh home cooked food for she has been given the opportunity to learn the art of the kitchen from her family. Xenia has been a cook/hostess in various catamaran and sailing yachts but she has also worked in various restaurants in Greece and abroad as a sous Chef like the famous Oyster bar in Manhattan, New York. Xenia is experienced in many other professions since she always had the thirst to learn more. Her love for sailing and experience over the years has given her the ability to help the skipper navigate and do whatever she's got to do to reassure the safety and well-being of their trip. Her native languages are Greek and French but she is English and Spanish bilingual. At her free time Xenia designs homemade jewelry and likes horseback riding, tennis, dancing, gymnastics, jogging,swimming and sailing.




- coffee, tea, fresh orange juice

- Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts

- pancakes with eggs and bacon

- crepes with ham and cheese / Nutella and banana

- French toasts with eggs and bacon

- fresh fruit platter

- Greek omelet with toasted bread

- fresh bread, croissants, homemade cake

( eggs can be grilled, sunny, poached, and scrambled )


- platter of cured meets and cheeses to discover the talent of local producers

- platter with crackers and different kinds of homemade dips and olives

- Greek salad with feta

- dolmadakia; vine leafs stuffed with rice and herbs

- romaine lettuce with lemon dressing, Parmesan cheese, croutons and chicken

- grilled calamari with lemon and oregano


- homemade spinach pie or cheese pie

- chicken fricassee with mushrooms and white sauce served with white rice

- stuffed cannelloni with vegetables

- stuffed vegetables with a special mix of rice, herbs and spices

- garlic shrimp pasta with a mix of spices and white wine sauce


- pasticco with Greek salad

- cod fish with a sauce made of beaten eggs, lemon juice and chicken broth with a side of steamed vegetables

- lemon and mustard chicken stew served with smashed potatoes and green salad

- marinated lamb in rosemary, thyme oregano and lemon sauce served with roasted potatoes

- Greek moussaka with Greek salad

- homemade gnocchi with bolognese sauce served with Greek salad


- brownie

- homemade apple pie

- yoghurt with honey and walnuts

- homemade cheesecake

- coffee , tea