Captain Alexandros and Cook/Hostess Konstantina

Crew Profiles: 
CAPTAIN: Alexandros Gouveris

Alexandros is a Greek native who has loved the sea ever since he was born as his father is a proud sailor and boat owner. He has been sailing for over twenty years and has been a charter captain for over 12 years. 
He holds an RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean Sail & Power certificate up to 200gt.In the off season months, he works as a sailing instructor. Alexandros will be happy to teach you how to sail and show you the many great places Greece has to offer.

COOK/HOSTESS: Asimina Margelou

Asimina was born in 1971 in Nafplio, growing up near the sea which is her passion. She has gained great experience over the years, working for hotelier services. Guests used to say about her hospitality, cleanliness and willingness to make their vacation a special experience for them and tend their special needs and requests. 
Also, she is a great and passionate cooker specialized in Mediterranean cuisine. She has professional experience in the production of fresh traditional Greek pasta. Guests will have the chance to taste delicious Greek homemade and unique dishes. She will provide superior hospitality service with friendliness and welcome you warmly with a genuine smile!

Sample Menu


Milk, Tea, Chocolate, Fresh orange juice, coffee

Exotic Rice Pudding

Toasted bread, Fresh bread with butter, honey, marmalade, tahini


seed sauce)

Pancakes with fruit sauce, pancakes with spinach

Omelette with fresh tomato ‘’kagiana’’ from Corfu Island


Assorted Chesses and cold cuts dish served with special handmade dips

from all over the world!!

Fried ‘’graviera’’ cheese (made from sheep’s milk and ripened for at least

five months) from Crete Island with honey and sesame

‘’Trahanas’’ (paste of cracked wheat and milk) from the Peloponnese with

a special cold meat called sigklino

Minced meat balls with yoghurt sauce

Traditional handmade onion pie from Mykonos Island and meat pie from


Maria’s Pizza Bread - wait until you taste it!


Naturally Amazing Greek Salad with feta cheese and pure olive oil

‘’Tampoule’’ traditional salad with barley from the coast of Mikra

Asia(Asia Minor)

‘’Ntakos’’ traditional Salad with Cretan rusk, mizithra (fresh cheese made

with milk and whey from sheep and/or goats) and caper

Authentic Caesar’s Salad

Lentil Salad with tuna and rice

Coleslaw Salad

Traditional Greek Dishes

Octopus boiled in red wine with pasta cooked in fresh tomato sauce

Stuffed Vegetables (tomato, pepper etc.) with rice and a secret mix of


Musaka (potatoes, eggplant, minced meat and béchamel)

Stifado (beef, slowly cooked in tomato sauce with baby onions) served

with garlic sauce

Kleftiko (mix of small cut pieces of meat with spices and red wine slowly

cooked in a casserole for 3 hours!)


‘’IDEA’’ Salmon. A unique recipe with fresh salmon with a mix of cheeses

wrapped in puffed pastry

Swordfish fillet finished with Famous Samos Sweet Wine served cherry

tomatoes roasted in the oven

Spaghetti with lobster from Skyros Island

Leg of lamb roasted on top of thyme twigs served with a special recipe for


Chicken loaf with orange sauce served with potatoes a la Lorraine

Barbeque Day!! Prepare yourselves for homemade Greek Souvlaki served

with tzatziki


Fruit salad with liqueur, nuts and cream

Amazing Yoghurt dessert

Chocolate cake

Iced chocolate roll

Cheese cake

‘Banoffee’ pie