Captain Alexey and Chef Alexander

Crew Profiles: 

Captain: Alexey Ursul 
Captain Alexey was born on the 5th of May 1984 in Novorossiysk, Russia. At the age of 12 he joined a Junior Sailing school where he developed a passion for sailing and the Ocean. He sailed competitively for many years and took part in numerous Regattas. Alexey then decided to make a career out of his passion and obtained his Captain and Engineering licenses. Alexey enjoys water sports such as windsurfing and wakeboarding and enjoys teaching anyone who is keen to learn! Alexey’s cool and calm demeanour make him a pleasure to be around and his caring nature guarantees the ultimate relaxing holiday.

Yachtmaster Offshore certificate Chief Engineer Certificate GMDSS General operator certificate Radar Observer certificate STCW 95 Certificate Proficiency in fast rescue boat certificate Medical first aid certificate Security-related training for all seafarers certificate.

Chef/service: Alexander Grebenyuk
Alexander was born in 1988 in Novorossiysk, Russia and is a childhood friend of Alexey. Introduced to sailing from a very young age by his father who was a sailor, Alexander quickly learned the ropes and became a Captain at the age of 20. Over the years, Alexander nurtured his passion for cooking and is now a well versed chef, sure to deliver a memorable culinary experience. Alexander is full of energy and is always looking for new adventures. When he is not sailing, Alexander spends time in the mountains where he snowboards. Coastal Skipper Certificate HACCP Certificate (Food Safety & Hygiene) GMDSS General operator certificate Radar Observer certificate STCW 95 Certificate Proficiency in fast rescue boat certificate Medical first aid certificate. Security-related training for all seafarers certificate

Stewardess: Yuliia Buleyko 
Yiulia was born in 1990 in Odessa, Ukraine.She is a Russian speaking super-friendly stewardess with a bubbly personality and a great wish to work! She enjoys being an asset to a team and contributing in a meaningful way to the smooth operations onboard. Yulia is experienced in housekeeping, laundry, silver service, bartending, cooking.She has excellent communication skills and the ability to work as an individual or within a team. She is very reliable , hardworking with a positive attitude towards her working abilities, experienced, fast learner and easy going.She can work more then scheduled time if necessary in order their guests to be pampered and happy. She is friendly and conduct herself in a professional and courteous manner all times.She is able to serve timid guests, aggressive guests, fussy guests, the over-familiar guests and even guests with disability.She is organized, efficient and take pride at her work.She prides herself on her service skills and ability to resolve any difficult situations. She is also considered a good psychologist. It helped her to succeed in her job and to grow professionally.
Languages: English (intermediate), Russian (native),

Sample Menu


  1.  Beef stroganoff with tagliatelle and greens
  2. Steak in argentina with fresh vegetables
  3. Baked darado fillet with stea med vegetables
  4. Salmon with grilled vegetables
  5. Cream soup with porcini mushrooms
  6. Rabbit baked in cream sauce


  1. Salad with fresh vegetables and mozzarella
  2. Scallops in garlic and ginger sauce
  3. Salad with chicken fillet and guail egg
  4. Warm beef salad


  1. Vanilla cheese casserole with fruit
  2. Apple pia with cinnamon
  3. Cheese pancake with fresh berries
  4. Pancake with fruit jam