Captain Thanasis and Cook/Hostess Elena

Crew Profiles: 
Captain Thanasis Damalidis
Thanasis was born in Athens in 1990.At the age of 11 he had his first experience in sailing as his family used to charter yachts for holidays. Sailing was his true passion so he decided to expertize it and start working in the sea. He started gaining experience by assisting the delivery of newly launched mono hulls and catamarans from the shipyards abroad as well as everywhere in Greece. His charter experience started from smaller size yachts, going to bigger and bigger year after year. Especially last year with 21 weeks of non stop charters and many many happy customers! Thanasis holds an offshore sailing license by HORC club and a powerboat license from Greek authorities. He also holds a first aid license from Greek Red Cross and in his free time he is a volunteer in Red Cross Samaritans, Rescuers and Lifeguards. Skipper Thanasis is always ready to welcome his guests, aiming to ensure a hospitable experience on board and show them the most beautiful hotspots of the Greek islands. He speaks English fluently. His hobbies are diving, training and shooting club.

Cook-Hostess Elena Nabilskagia
Elena was born in 1988. She grew up in Piraeus where she has also graduated from Financial and Banking management at the University of Piraeus. 
She holds the sailing yacht license. At her free time she is a volunteer at Hellenic Red Cross - Samaritans, Rescuers and Lifeguards and she also hold the First aid license. Elena loves children and she used to work during summer holidays in a camping for children. 

Elena used to play also tennis for many years. She loves music and she holds piano and vocal diploma. For winter hobbies she loves ski.
She also loves spending her free time doing some experimental cooking and tasting new recipes.

Elena is excited to be able to combine her passion for boating and the sea with her service industry skills, furthermore loves to adapt to the personal preferences of her guests which makes her a warm and welcoming host. She speaks fluently English & Russian. 

She has also attended seminars of customer service.




Tea, Coffee, Milk, scrambled eggs, omelette, fried eggs, bacon, butter,

marmalade, yogurt with honey, fresh orange juice, toasted bread with

tahini, cereal, fresh bread, fruit.


Toasted baguette slices topped with feta and tomato.

Cretan Graviera cheese fried in flour, honey and sesame.

Olives with fresh vegetables and assorted cheeses.

Fresh bread with delicious handmade dips and Salmon.

Homemade cheese pie “tiropita”.

Beef meat balls served with Greek yogurt sauce.


Greek salad with feta, olives and caper.

Tabouleh (traditional salad from Anatolia).

Green salad with shrimps and mayonnaise sauce.

Cretan salad with paksimadi

(hard twice-baked bread), tomato, feta or mizithra cheese, oregano,

caper and olives.

Salad with cabbage, carrots, lemon, parsley and peppers.

Salad with spinach, almonds, pear, pomegranate, Katiki cheese and



Octopus in a traditional Greek tomato sauce with pasta.

Chicken or pork souvlaki with peppers, onions, potatoes and homemade


Mousakas with eggplant, minced meat, potatoes and béchamel.

Fish with fresh vegetables and Vlita greens.

Octopus with vinaigrette, fresh oregano and mushroom risotto.

Mussels, shrimps with rice, white wine and parsley.


Chicken in the oven with mustard, oregano and lemon sauce served with

grilled baby potatoes.

Beef stew in a tomato sauce with red wine, onions, cinnamon, and cloves

served with rice.

Salmon with tomato, sweet onions, parsley, white wine and garlic.

Spaghetti with shrimps from the Cyclades.

Giouvetsi, beef fillet in the oven with Orzo rice. 

Roast lamb with garlic, oregano, lemon, chopped tomatoes served with

baby potatoes.


Seasonal fresh fruit with wine.

Yoghurt with nuts and honey.

Halvas semolina cake with cinnamon and almonds.

Cheesecake or chocolate cake.

Chocolate cream pudding with caramel almonds.