Captain Michalis, Chef Marianna, and Deck Hand Konstantinos

Crew Profiles: 
Captain Michalis Kassari

Michalis is a capable captain - his calm personality and winning smile make everyone feel at home from the first second you meet him. Born in Greece in 1981, from his very first life stage captain Michalis developed a passion for sailing as a sailing student, racer and later as a sailing coach. His broad sailing experience ranges from sailing races participation to boat maintenance. All his life he has been sailing on various S/Y such as Ocean Star, Lagoon, Ocean Voyager. He holds an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Sail -Power and STCW advanced licenses. Michalis’ experience on the sea is outstanding and combined with his lifeguard experience, safety will be ensured making your trip even more delightful. The Captain's friendly character, fluency in the English language and the communicative Spanish language level allows a harmonious understanding, which is the basis of a comfortable and hospitable vacation on board a yacht. Most of all though he is wonderful with children.

Chef Marianna Ralli

Marianna was born and raised in the heart of Greece, Athens. She is also origined from Chios, a Greek island famous worldwide for its sailors, so she's always been attracted to the sea. She is cooking since she was 16 and has a natural passion and flair for it.
Friends and family always praised her for cooking skills so that driven her to follow various seminars in cooking.

Her love for the sea, traveling and cooking brought her to the yachting industry.
She consistently maintains a high standard in offering a fine dining experience for each and every guest. She is adept at seeking out the freshest produce and products of the local cuisine. Her specialty is health-conscious meals prepared in keeping the tradition of classic Mediterranean cuisine. When not on board, She long-distance run, travel, bike, hike, snowboard and volunteer.

She is looking forward to tantalize your taste buds with a delightful array of mouth watering creations!

Deck Hand Konstantinos Perdikaris

Konstantinos born in 1993, has been exposed to the sea life a lot. Konstantinos has been working on crewed yachts for the past three years ranging in size from 45 to 80 feet - he has a very pleasant personality and co-operates very well with his crew mates. He cooks a mean barbecue on the beach His excellent interpersonal skills and vibrant personality will ensure the safest and most comfortable sailing trip. Konstantinos is an extreme sports lover with a lifeguard license, always willing to share his interests. He speaks English fluently and he is very communicative.




Fresh Juice

Whole or light milk

Cereals of your choice

Greek yogurt 

Fruit salad or compote

Greek spoon desserts

Nuts or raisins


Thyme honey


Choice Between: Boiled Eggs| Poached| Fried| Scrambled| Omelet

English Bread or Greek rustic bread or croissant

Cake or local sweets

Selection of local cheeses with tomatoes, cucumber and olives

Selection of bacon, ham, boiled sausages and roasted mushrooms

Filter coffee or espresso




Bruschetta with fresh tomato, Feta cheese, basil and olive oil

Steamed mussels with white wine and fresh dill

Trilogy of roasted eggplant and fresh garden herbs

Fried gruyere with cherry tomatoes, ouzo and fresh basil

Vegetables with balsamic sauce


Greek Salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, Feta cheese, capers and peppers

Ruckola with spinach, roasted Manouri cheese, walnuts, raisins and honey sauce

Salad bouquet with smoked salmon, avocado and orange 

Salad bouquet with smoked salmon, tomatoes, cucumber, mustard and spearmint 

Salad of boiled vegetables 

Couscous salad


Skioufikta (traditional Greek pasta) or hilopitaki (Greek style noodles) with Feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, ruckola and white wine

Risotto with chicken, ricotta cheese and mushroom sauce

Spaghetti with ruckola leaves, parmesan and sundried tomatoes


Octopus with fava beans, caramelized onions and olive oil

Grilled shrimps with lentils, cooked in seafood broth


Chicken breast fillet with mushed eggplant puree and olive oil 

or with Roasted Haloumi cheese and small salad

Calf tagliata with ruckola and gruyere

Lamp ragout with zucchinis

Italian sandwich with patatas bravas



Greek pie with wild greens

Fava beans puree with onions, sprinkled with olive oil

Small zucchini pancakes with Feta cheese and spearmint

Fried shrimps with tomato sauce and ouzo

Variety of mushrooms with Mizithra cheese and sweet mustard sauce


Nicoise salad with tuna from Alonissos

Ruckola with apple, celery, louza (Greek Salami), gruyere from Naxos and yogurt sauce

Mista with anthotyro cheese, seasonal fruits and spearmint

Cretan Salad with rusk, tomato, cucumber and feta cheese


Matsata with shrimps, mussels and seashell sauce

Seafood risotto with Greek Saffron

Beef Giouvetsi baked in stoneware with trimmed Mizithra cheese


Grilled calamari with sauteed greens and oil vinaigrette sauce

Fish fillet (of the day) wrapped in dough with asparagus and sauce Hollandaise


Beef fillet with dauphinoise potatoes and red wine sauce

Lamp cooked in the casserole with mashed potato, olive oil and garden herbs

Burger with beef and coleslaw sauce

Chicken breast fillet grilled with baked tomatoes, tzatziki (Greek dip) and small pita breads 

or Souvlaki of pork with caramelized onions with Greek pita