What does "Med Terms" Mean? How does it differ from Caribbean Terms?

Med Term pricing is cost (cost of the boat) + VAT (country tax) + APA (operating and provisioning expenses). The cost is the weekly rate for the charter. The VAT and APA are calculated on the cost of the boat and paid in addition to that base price. The APA covers: fuel, water, food, licenses, alcohol, and any specific items you would like provided to you. APA money that is not used for provisioning would be reimbursed to you- or, if you spend over the amount, they would charge you. The Captain keeps track of expenses and would let you know if you're reaching your APA limit. This is the industry standard for the region.

Caribbean Terms or Caribbean Inclusions refer to all-inclusive rates. These boats are typically catamarans and monohulls and are found in the Caribbean. 

Most (but not all) motor-yachts and sailing vessels in the Med are Med Rate terms.

The yachts featured on our website will specifically state which type of pricing they offer.