What does it cost to have a charter broker?

It costs you-(the guest) nothing. Our fees are preset and-negotiated with owners of the boats and the management companies. Set up similar to a real estate brokerage-we work for the client-YOU and have access to a variety of boats that we tour annually. We get paid direct from the boat owners and management companies. We advocate on your behalf in an effort to provide you the best rate possible. 

I have heard it is cheaper to book an owner operated boat. Is this true?

While some owners operate as crew for their boats, this is not always the best option. By booking with a charter broker, you are ensuring that you are going to get a customized sailing vacation for you, and not feel you are simply a guest on someone else's boat. We work with reputable owner operators who provide the same level of service as other crewed yachts. These boats that are booked through brokers are toured and inspected annually to ensure the boats are operating as advertised.