Captain Marco and Chef Nera

Crew Profiles: 

Captain Marko Kasal has experience as a skipper since 2003 on motor yachts, sailing yachts and catamarans in the whole Mediterranean including Adriatic, Greece, Turkey, Italy, France and Spain. Although he has BA degree in Economics from University of Zagreb, he also holds Boat Leader's License and Yacht Master up to 100 GT. He has high knowledge of programs including various navigation software. Skiing, diving, travelling and regattas are among his hobbies. Marko speaks English & German, he is married and a non-smoker.

Hostess/chef Nera Kraljevic has excellent organization skills gained through experience as a hostess and logistics manager for charter boats since 2007. She has cooking skills of a professional cook and is an expertise in the choice of quality restaurants in the Adriatic Sea. having studied design and visual media, she works as a professional graphic designer in the off-season periods. Nera is a fluent speaker of four foreign languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian. She is interested in photography and also holds Dance Instructor Certificate for salsa and the Caribbean dances. Nera is single and a non-smoker.



Assorted cereals

Fruit salad served with yoghurt

Varieties of eggs as you wish: Omelets made to order, scrambled egg with bacon, sausage...

Ham, salami and cheese plates

Varieties of jam & honey


Fruit juices, coffee(Nescafe, Turkish coffee, Italian coffee..), tea (black, fruit, green, mint...) and milk

Lunch & Dinner

Croatian hard cheese, olives, garpes, nuts..

Mixed seasonal salad, fresh pepper filled with tuna cheese and capers

Balkan minced meat sausages served with Ajvar & Kajmak

Traditional meat stew prepared with vinegar and vegetables

Chicken alla Nera: Baked chicken with plums, almonds and vegetables

Creamy Turkey : Turkey medallions stir ffried with spices with a cream sauce

Chicken curry: Chicken stir fried in curry, cookrf in milk cream & spices

Hot and cold pasta plates

Vegetable risotto with white wine & pine nuts

Shrimp risotto

Fresh fish traditionally cooked (lesho) served with olive oil

Octopus in the stove: Octopus baked with vegetable served with salad

Fresh fruits, chocolate pudding, ice cream

Midday snacks

Caprese salad

Small tuna pate canape sandwiches

Traditional Croatian hard cheese and olives

Various dippings with bread and/or nachos and fresh vegetable sticks