Captain Vasilis, Chief Engineer Konstantinos, Chef Panagiotis, Chief Stewardess Vaya, Stewardess Felotzka, Deckhands Ignatios and Fotis

Crew Profiles: 
The crew of Daloli is a great team and will work miracles for an unforgettable stay onboard!

Captain: Vasilis Michalopoulos (Greek)
Vasilis is 40 years old and has graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy of Preveza in 1999. He holds a A' class Captain's diploma and in his past experience he has worked successfully in various passengers ships and yachts. He is patient, kind and will ensure that the guests will be warmly welcomed onboard! He has worked many years in the yachting industry and he is very experienced with charters. Vasilis guarantees that the guests will be fully spoiled and will enjoy the turquoise waters of the Greek islands! When not working, he loves spending time with his two kids! He also enjoys all kind of extreme sports, diving and playing football! Vasilis is with the same Owner for more than 6 years. Speaks Greek, English and Spanish (basic).

Chief Engineer: Konstantinos Voutsinos (Greek)
Konstantinos is 32 years old and holds a B' class Engineer's diploma, after graduating from the Merchant Marine Academy of Aspropyrgos. He has worked in cargo ships for more than 9 years and onboard yachts for more than 3 years, having met different nationalities and individuals from all around the world! He has great communication skills and an extensive knowledge for his job. He works hard during charters and will make sure that every technical equipment onboard is fully functional! When not working, he enjoys sports especially basketball and likes to travel! Konstantinos is an enthusiastic person and will try his best to secure the safety of the guests onboard.
Speaks Greek and English.

Chef: Panagiotis Amorginos (Greek)
Panagiotis is 37 years old and has joined the yachting industry three years ago, after graduating from "Themistoklis" Private School in 2002. In his past experience he has worked in five star restaurants and charter yachts with great success! He has also followed "Mediterranean fusion cuisine" seminars after attending "Le Monde" Institute. He has a great passion for his job and will successfully present pleasing dishes without compromising quality! From tasteful fish dishes to delicious "flower decorated" desserts, Panagiotis will impress the guests with his cooking styles! When not working, he enjoys diving! Speaks Greek, English and French (basic).

Deckhand: Ignatios Poutro (Greek)
Ignatios is 23 years old and has joined the yachting industry 3 years ago. Before joining yachting, he worked as a football player and later to Cocktail wine bars. His social character and his love for the sea were some of the reasons that he decided to join yachting. He is a very active person with a lot of passion for his job! In his free time, he enjoys all kind of sports, especially football! He is a nice team along with Captain Vasilis for many years! Speaks Greek, English and Italian (basic).

Chief Stewardess: Vaya Tsatsi (Greek)
Vaya is 25 years old and has been working several years as a Chief Stewardess on private and charter yachts with great passion and enthusiasm! Her genuine smile in combination with her creative nature and practical spirit will assure a smooth and enjoyable stay onboard! Vaya has great hospitality skills and a welcoming personality! In her free time, she enjoys traveling and listening to music! Vaya will be delighted to welcome the guests onboard and make them feel like home! Speaks Greek, English and German (basic).

Stewardess: Felotzka Juan Somera (Filipino)
Felotzka is 30 years old and has previously worked in luxury villas, before she decided to join the yachting industry. She is responsible for the guests' best service onboard and will make sure that the guests will be pampered to the highest standards of service! When not working, she enjoys swimming and reading books! A kind and patient personality, Felly will try her best for an unforgettable cruising experience! Speaks Filipino, English and Greek.

Deckhand: Fotis Mariolis (Greek)
Fotis is 26 years old and he has been working in the yachting industry for more than six years with great passion and professionalism as a mechanical engineering technician and deckhand. He holds a Speed Vessel Operator Diploma and a Bosun Licence. He is an enthusiastic person and in his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Speaks Greek and English.

Deckhand: TBA

Sample Menu


Appetizer Souvlaki shrimp with cherry tomatoes marinated in oregano and lime, assorted with grilled asparagus and mustard-lime dip.

Salad Green salad with iceberg, cucumber and avocado garnished with small tomato, sunflower seeds and citrus fruit balsamic n’ honey sauce.

Main Course Cod fillet grilled with sauce tartar, green peas puree n’ lemon marmalade.

Sorbet lime

Dessert Cheesecake with blueberries’ flavor Season fruits