Croatia with Jema II..."Where will we go?"

General Itinerary: (Please note: this is a general itinerary of what you can expect. Your actual itinerary will be dictated by weather conditions at the time of charter along with your group’s preferences) Please use the following itinerary as a guide for ideas to discuss with your crew.

Croatia Start/Finish:

If you are arriving the night prior to your charter-we will coordinate your logistics for transfer. If you are arriving in the morning, we will coordinate your pick up from the airport to get you to the marina. Charter starts at 5pm and ends at 9am on your final day.

Day 1, Saturday: Trogir – Milna (Island of Brač) (12 NM)

Trogir (Tragurium): If the idea of sipping your first-morning coffee by the beautiful Croatian

sea sounds pleasant to you, Trogir is the place to be! Dating all the way back to ancient times

and taking part in the UNESCO World Heritage, you will enjoy its numerous famous sights

which reflect Trogir's long history and urban tradition, such as the Cathedral of St Lawrence,

the Church of St Nicholas, Kamerlengo fortress, Ćipiko, Town Hall and the town gate. After

getting to know Trogir's unique beauty, you can get a taste of Croatian gastronomy at local

restaurants. The town does not go to sleep in the evening either, as you can visit many of

the city's bars to get a glimpse of summer nights in Croatia.

Milna: To continue your vacation more actively, we suggest visiting Milna, the untouched

jewel on the west coast of the Island of Brač. There you will find an untouched natural bay

dating all the way back to Diocletian, surrounded by nice long sand and pebble beaches

stretching nearby (Pasika, Osibova, Lučice, Maslinova, cove of Vlaška). Various sports and

recreational contents are offered, including numerous sports playgrounds and sea-related

activities (scuba-diving, surfing, swimming).

Day 2, Sunday: Milna – Stari Grad, swimming at Uvala Tiha (Island of Hvar) (14 NM)

Stari Grad: Experience some more of the wonderful Croatian coast by surrounding yourself

with its breathtaking nature. One of the must-see places is Stari Grad on the northern coast

of the Island of Hvar. It is a perfect combination of the native way of life (vineyards, olives,

forests) and a modern tourist spot. Many visitors come here to combine various aspects of

the vacation: experiencing local gastronomy offer, sports and recreational activities, as well

as beaches suitable for everyone's preferences (rocky, concrete, pebble). There is also a rich

cultural programme, especially during summer: concerts, recitals and shows such as Stari

Grad Summer Festival are not to be missed!

Day 3, Monday: Stari Grad – Palmižana (Paklinski Otoci) – Hvar (Island of Hvar) (13 NM)

Palmižana: We continue our journey in the same tone: lots of nature and possibilities.

Palmižana is a lagoon bathing in crystal-clear sea belonging to Paklenski (also known as

Pakleni) Otoci, the oldest and most famous resort and nautical marina of the Island of Hvar.

It is most famous for its untouched nature, since any land traffic is absent and the location

itself was very well kept and preserved as a cultural tourism spot (especially by the

Meneghello family). You can either rest and breathe in the nature around you on one of the

sandy beaches, or you can go on exploring the island by its extensive footpaths. It is a great

location those of you who wish to relax, whether you are alone, with your significant other,

or with a group of friends or family.

Paklinski Otoci: If you are not already amazed by the Croatian Rivera, Pakleni Otoci will do

the trick! Not only does this chain of small isles carry a very interesting name (Hell’s Islands),

but it is abundant in forests, beaches and lagoons intercepted by the azure Adriatic Sea. No

wonder it is considered to be the prettiest part of Hvar’s (and even Croatian!) Riviera. Here

you can take a break from the usual tourist centres and enjoy a nice quiet time in the isles’

hidden treasures. There are also a couple of tourist resorts (Jerolim, Stipanska, Palmižana,

Vlaška), ensuring you a rich variety of activities once your energy is refilled.

The City of Hvar: The inevitable jewel of the Croatian Riviera and Dalmatian islands, with

most sunny hours of all the islands in the Adriatic. It encompasses all the best of the Croatian

coast: gentle climate, autochthon architecture and unforgettable scenery. Many people

recognize that, so the island is often swarmed with guests. If this alone is not enough, there

are various tourist offers ready to fill your stay: traditional restaurants, sightseeing, and

nightlife. It is certainly not a bad idea to visit other places on the Island of Hvar, best known

for its beauty and its long tradition in organized tourism.

Day 4, Tuesday: Hvar – Uvala Stončica, Vis (Island of Vis) (13 NM)

Uvala Stončica: Located on the east side of the Island of Vis, Stončica presents itself as a

perfect place to relax. A well-known combination of Mediterranean vegetation (tamarisk,

reeds) and clear sea offers a timeless experience. You will enjoy carefree hours spent in a

tropical-like sea with a very slight decrease in depth, after which you can replenish in a

nearby restaurant. This location is very family-friendly, as it is suitable for those of you who

seek a more active vacation (there is a great beach volleyball playground close to the sea).

The town of Vis: Englobing the local culture and way of life with modern-day lifestyle, Vis is a

unique experience you cannot miss. It is located on the northeast of the Island of Vis, and

apart from the famous Croatian sea and mild climate, it is well known by its protected

submarine world. It offers both a vivid waterfront and hidden beaches awaiting to be

discovered. The architecture (church Gospa od Spilica) will not disappoint you either. More

and more people recognise the beauty of the town of Vis, why shouldn’t you get a chance


Day 5, Wednesday: Vis – Budikovac, Komiža (Island of Vis) (13 NM)

Komiža: Joining the Island of Hvar in its mild climate, Komiža is a perfect example of a small,

but very charming Mediterranean town, even during the winter period. It is guarded by Mt.

Hum, overlooking beautiful pebble beaches and an open port. The island’s springs weave

their way to the sea through Komiža, such as Gusarica, Nova Pošta, Velo Žalo. You will enjoy

a mostly stone-build architecture bathed in the warm sun. Thanks to the location, Komiža is

also known for its wide selection of fish: here you can taste excellent quality fish and large

crabs, which will certainly enrich your gastronomic experience.

Budikovac: A beautiful lagoon and a small bay surround the Island of Budikovac (Budihovac

for the locals), located opposite the Island of Vis. You can get there by sailing between the

Island of Mali Budikovac and the one of Budikovac, keeping your path closer to the former

one due to shifting sea levels. Budikovac presents a great anchorage spot, so it is a very

desirable location for all the yachtsmen. You will be delighted to spend some time there

swimming and enjoying the view in a protected bay.

Day 6, Thursday: Komiža – Maslinica (Island of Šolta) – Modra Špilja (Island of Biševo) (27 NM)

Maslinica: As the name suggests, the main thing for which this location is famous is olive

growing (maslina). It is a calm place on the Island of Šolta intercepted with bays and pebble

beaches (such as Tepli bok, Soskova, Poganica, Vela Luka), but also not so far away from the

main tourist attractions (Hvar, Korčula, Vis, Split, Makarska, Dubrovnik). The town still keeps

its renowned fishing tradition, which you can still encounter in many local, traditional


Modra špilja (Blue Cave): On the east side of the Island of Biševo, in the central Dalmatian

archipelago, you will find another jewel of the Croatian coastline: a sea cave. It is marvelous

to see the cave change colours and turn into a blue sapphire due to the blue light.

Depending on the season, the ideal moment to witness that is between 11 am and 12 pm. If

you want to see the nature’s light show, you have to be here!

Day 7, Friday, return: Maslinica – Krknjaši (Island of Drvenik Veli) – Trogir (8-12 NM)

Krknjaši Beach: A perfect place to stop by on your way back to Trogir is this well-known

beach located in the southeast part of the Island of Drvenik Veli. It consists of a beautiful

protected bay guarded by the Isles of big and small Krknjaš. It is great for swimming and

enjoying the last moments on the wonderful Croatian coast. Even though the island itself

does not have any facilities, the location is still very popular among yachtsmen and people

who want to savour the last bits of Croatian Mediterranean cuisine.