Croatia with Eagle of Norway..."Where will we go?"

General Itinerary: (Please note: this is a general itinerary of what you can expect. Your actual itinerary will be dictated by weather conditions at the time of charter along with your group’s preferences) Please use the following itinerary as a guide for ideas to discuss with your crew.

Croatia Start/Finish:

If you are arriving the night prior to your charter-we will coordinate your logistics for transfer. If you are arriving in the morning, we will coordinate your pick up from the airport to get you to the marina. Charter starts at 5pm and ends at 9am on your final day.

Day 1, Saturday: Trogir – Island of Drvenik Veli, swimming at Krknjaši (6 NM)

Trogir (Tragurium): If the idea of sipping your first-morning coffee by the beautiful Croatian

sea sounds pleasant to you, Trogir is the place to be! Dating all the way back to ancient times

and taking part in the UNESCO World Heritage, you will enjoy its numerous famous sights

which reflect Trogir's long history and urban tradition, such as the Cathedral of St Lawrence,

the Church of St Nicholas, Kamerlengo fortress, Ćipiko, Town Hall and the town gate. After

getting to know Trogir's unique beauty, you can get a taste of Croatian gastronomy at local

restaurants. The town does not go to sleep in the evening either, as you can visit many of

the city's bars to get a glimpse of summer nights in Croatia.

Drvenik Veli: For the next stop at your journey, we recommend visiting the Island of Drvenik

Veli, located on the northwest of the Island of Šolta. It is a great chance to experience the

everyday life of the locals which mainly revolves around the island’s beautiful nature and

surrounding sea. As for the sightseeing, you can visit the church of St Juraj. Since the coast of

the island is indented, it gives you the opportunity to explore its secluded coves, sand and

pebble beaches, as well as its bays. You will experience a more intimate atmosphere at the

Island of Drvenik Veli, but it still offers some of the main tourist content: restaurants with

traditional Dalmatian cuisine, shops, etc.

Krknjaši: The most beautiful beach on the Island of Drvenik Veli is the Krknjaši beach,

guarded by a bay and two islands, Big and Small Krknjaš, in the southeast part of the island.

The location makes it rather close to towns Trogir and Split. It is a perfect location for all the

yachtsmen as it can be a safe overnight anchorage spot. It is ideal for swimming and relaxing

in a peaceful surrounding, as the island itself does not carry but one traditional

Mediterranean cuisine restaurant.

Day 2, Sunday: Island of Drvenik Veli – Primošten, swimming at Stari Trogir (14 NM)

Primošten: You cannot miss visiting this charming, picturesque peninsula! The whole

peninsula is full of traditional medieval architecture which gives it a special ambiance. The

most popular landmark is the Church of Saint Juraj built in medieval ages, located on a hill

overlooking the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea. Around the town you can find many coves and

beaches, all of them being a very photogenic scene! Besides the beautiful nature and the

town’s tradition, Primošten can offer you a rich nightlife: the largest club in Dalmatia is

located there and will not disappoint you!

Day 3, Monday: Primošten – Skradin, swimming at the Island of Zlarin (15 NM)

Skradin: You will inevitably fall for the charm of this small town. It is filled with nature’s

wonders and traditional everyday life. You can experience a great, fresh gastronomic offer

while listening to the traditional Dalmatian folk singing, klape. As for the landmarks, we

recommend visiting the Visovac monastery and the Skradinski Buk waterfall, the point where

the river Krka connects with the sea.

Zlarin: Across the town of Šibenik lies the Island of Zlarin and the town of the same name. It

is well connected with the mainland by ferry and the fact that the Kornati National Park is

just nearby gives Zlarin a strategic location. It is a perfect location for swimming and relaxing

in a tranquil ambiance, thus it is great for families with children. You can learn about the

local’s way of life, which revolves mostly around the agriculture and the sea. No cars are

allowed on the island, so it is a very popular destination among yachtsmen. 

Day 4, Tuesday: Skradin – Vodice, visiting Krka National Park (12 NM)

Vodice: Vodice is a coastal town nearby the town of Šibenik and is settled between the Krka

National Park and a wide bay. It is a popular tourist destination with a developed tourist

season’s offer, so everyone will find something suitable for them. Here you can experience

all the characteristics of the southern Croatian coast: nature, architecture, gastronomy,


Krka National Park: The seventh national park in Croatia that encloses the middle-lower

course of the river Krka is also located very close to the town of Šibenik. The Skradinski Buk

waterfall and its seventeen cascades are its main attraction. The picturesque untouched

nature will amaze you and give you a good example of Croatia’s beauty. The national park

offers various scientific, cultural, educational, recreational and tourism activities.

Day 5, Wednesday: Vodice – Island of Piškera (Kornati National Park), swimming at the

Island of Lavsa (20 NM)

Island of Piškera: You will enjoy your yachting experience by visiting this small inhabited

island which contains a marina operated by the ACI Club. The marina is well sheltered from

the wind thanks to the Island of Panitula Vela, with which Piškera shares a great fishing

tradition. The Island of Piškera is a part of the Kornati Islands, so you can be sure you will

witness a breathtaking scenery and crystal-clear sea.

Day 6, Thursday: Island of Piškera – Rogoznica, swimming at the Island of Žirje (32 NM)

Rogoznica: A blend of a traditional Mediterranean village with a modern tourist destination,

that would be Rogoznica. It is located on a peninsula with a deep bay and rich forests,

making it a great place for yachtsmen and nature lovers. It is also not very far from the town

of Šibenik. During the summer, Rogoznica holds many events, the most popular ones being

folk festivals (Fishermen Night, Rogoznica Night), that give you the opportunity to

experience the rich nightlife and festive ambiance. The gastronomic offer will not disappoint

you either, since Rogoznica is well-known for its fishing tradition.

Island of Žirje: The farthest island of the Šibenik Archipelago is the Island of Žirje. It is

abundant in beautiful forests, interesting architecture and great swimming locations. The

tourists are not very common here, so the atmosphere is quite intimate and it will allow you

to relax and enjoy the peaceful islander ambiance under a mild climate.


Day 7, Friday, return: Rogoznica – Trogir, swimming at Stari Trogir (24 NM)