Welcome to WLMS Charters blog

Welcome to my Charter and Travel Blog! While this blog is dedicated to everything related to crewed sailing charters, there will also be tidbits and funny tales of life living in the tropics. Many people often ask us how we got into the Charter industry. As this is my first blog post, I thought it best to post about our background and how we entered the crewed sailing charter industry.You can find a shortened version of our story on the About Us section of our website. For everyone else who wants the full story….read on! In 2006, my husband and I were living in Bellingham, WA. We had great careers and a good life in the Pacific Northwest. One day in July of 2006, my husband came home from work and said, “What if we bought a youth hostel somewhere?” I told him I would do it if it was in warm, pretty water. 3 months later I was staring at a house on a chunk of land on the north side of Amerbgris Caye, Belize. We closed on the property 2 days later without my husband ever setting foot in the country. Within 12 months we built a grocery store in our front yard and began offering online grocery ordering service as well as property management services. By late 2011, Jason had mastered island life activities such as kiteboarding, fishing on the flats, boating and thus moved into the world of sailing. He got his ASA sailing certifications and in late 2011 began working part-time as crew for an all-inclusive sailing company in Belize. I officially entered the catamaran charter scene in 2013, when we sold our property and Mata Grande Grocery and began working as the Reservation Director for the sailing company in Belize. Jason and I spent a year in Sun Valley, Idaho before realizing we missed the warm waters and moved to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. After 3 years, we realized it was time to head out on our own and once again create a new business. Where Land Meets Sea is the culmination of 9 years of work in the sailing and tourism industry. This blog will provide travel tips for anyone looking to charter a boat as well anyone looking for great anecdotes of tropical life. Between managing houses, boats, and providing delivery service to thousands of vacationers, I have a wealth of travel knowledge and stories that I am ready to share. Stay tuned! For now you can enjoy some photos of the first 12 months of our adventure.