Cruise ships versus a Private Sailing/Motor Yacht Charter…

As a former sailboat captain on charters in the western Caribbean, I’ve heard from people quite often- ‘Oh, I’ve sailed in the Caribbean too!’- on a cruise ship. Now, I’m not knocking the cruise industry- there are many ways to vacation and travel, but cruise ships and yacht charters are two completely different beasts- and I would like to explain the differences and the beauty of a holiday on a private sailing charter. On a sailing or motor charter, the entire trip is catered to you and your family or friends. This allows for experiencing the area, be it islands or coastal, at your own pace. Find a place you love and you can decide to spend another night! The weather is a bit off where you are- sail on to another place! Whether you prefer the party scene or the quiet and remote – your crew knows all of the cool beach bars that dot the Caribbean (or wherever you may be in the world)…as well as the remote spots for a quiet day on the beach. It’s a slower, more relaxed setting designed just for you!

Often when we travel, we are looking to experience a different culture- see a different area of the world- taste different foods. A private sailing charter allows for a true experience of the culture. Because cruise ships are so enormous and the regions that they visit must accommodate all of their guests, often the towns set-up specific areas just for the cruise guests and time spent at each location is limited due to the sailing schedule. On a private sailing charter, you come into the port- or dinghy up to a local dock and are immediately immersed in what the area has to offer. There’s no rush- you can take your time to explore and your crew will have all the information to ensure you get to places of interest or to plan specific activities in each area. Snorkeling, SCUBA diving, caving, trekking to ruins, fishing excursions, kayaking, SUP, shopping the local markets…the list is endless!

Another element that always comes up when discussing cruise ship voyages is the food- and its abundance. I can speak from experience that you and your family will not go hungry on a charter! On sailing charters, chefs cater to your individual needs- allergies, lactose intolerance, gluten-free, vegan, or anything local…the choice is yours! Incredible chefs that combine local ingredients to create unforgettable dishes and drinks! But, unlike a cruise ship, you may enjoy your dinner and wine in the company of your family or friends relaxing at a beautiful anchorage looking out over the water- or a lunch on a beach- or maybe an evening trying the local cuisine on the island…all options to best experience a relaxing holiday.

So, as you’re making your plans for your upcoming travels, consider booking a sailing charter- it’s the best way to escape from the hustle and stress of everyday life. Take a look at the many options available for an incredible holiday on a private sailing or motor yacht… Give WLMS Charters a call!

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