Charter Blog Series: Booking Tickets

Yesterday I bought a plane ticket. Seems like a perfectly reasonable event, especially given that I work in the travel world. But that simple event changed my day completely!

Dreaming and planning your travel is wonderful. Thinking of all the different places- where to stay, what to do- is exciting. But booking the travel changes everything! Suddenly, a week or two vacation is extended…the anticipation can, in itself, relieve some of the stresses of daily life. I felt my shoulders relax- the tension washed away just knowing that I’d be heading off on an adventure.

With everything that life throws at you, it's necessary- and healthy- to have a break. And that break can start as soon as you buy the tickets. That little mental break- the daydream that is soon to be a reality. It helps. It counts. And it can calm the chaos.

I have more to plan…and book. Mandy and I are heading off to Greece in early October to visit Athens and Mykonos- and to look a yachts! We’ll be viewing the yachts and meeting with the crews or managers of Tiziano, Melina and BOOM...and many others on our website. 

Then we'll be back in the USVI/BVI's!

For me, it'll be an island hopping adventure! Beginning in Marigot, St Martin (Leeward Islands) for a holiday- and I'll take a day trip to Anguilla before meeting up with Mandy for a few boat shows. We'll be at the boat shows in Tortola, BVI and St Thomas, USVI- viewing as many fabulous charter yachts as possible. And finally a day trip to St John, USVI.

I can't wait to be back in the sun, sand, and warm weather...but, until then, I have tickets booked- plans sorted- and the anticipation of a fabulous journey!

Take a look at where we’re heading…

Travel Planning Essentials

Travel Planning Essentials

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